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Our Belief

Market – What We Believe:

Customer Is Always Right = Market Is Always Right - We Need To Respect & Actively Managed

Our belief in winner and looser is decision making and timely calls. Good investor’s switch over their positions with the help of expertise and cut down position in bear market to preserve their capital and minimize the losses from mistakes & timely call in proactive manner with the market movement and various scenarios. Similarly, in the bull market, they take aggressive sensible position and time themselves with the technical analysis and financial valuations.

Good investor’s learn from their mistakes, cut the corners of the tables and maximize the return by putting winning trades, remain vigilant with market reports and information and take proactive decisions. This needs some tools which we provide by way of reports and in depth advice with analytical reasoning. We go to the root of market information.

Our market research and analysis are in line with the market both in the bull and bear side. Also, in uncertain time period, we remain on top of each customer’s portfolio and accordingly guide them.

In range bound market, we have special product designed for all our valued customers (investors and traders) so they do not miss the boat and can have the consistent income on their investment and superior return as compare to our peers.

For all our valued customers, our swift services are outlined as under:
We provide real-time quotes to our clients ensuring that they do not miss the opportunity and have access to real time information from our infrastructure platform and various user friendly customized alerts are drawn up as per their risk appetite.

We advise our clients on need basis with changes in market momentum and also keep them update about changes in global scenarios geographically, geo politically and financially how they get affected. We give our independent views solely discretionary decision taking by client about taking up of various positions by buying/selling in options market, equities market and hedge the same if required to protect their capital and also index based products. All these are customized looking to the investment objective of the customers and differ from customer to customer.

At BVCPL, teams of skilled financial professionals constantly monitor a whole gamut of capital market and investment opportunities thereof in companies or indexes or mutual funds on the basis of SWOT analysis. We believe in the history, promoters, key management team, corporate governance, products potentiality, growth rate, margins, threats to the products, peer comparison, research development, patent trademarks expiry, financial valuations, technical market analysis based on Elliot theory and last but not least common sense approach to the market and make the sensible decisions.

We at BVCPL, believe in execution and delivery. We do this by making collective decision and with the consensus of our valued client. Final decision is of our valued customer. Our endeavor is to get the “trade executed” with real time. We want our client to be in winning position and take advantage of every momentum of bull/bear market.

Current Market:
Our Understanding to this arena of the market is since 1985. We strongly believe in company’s valuation theory fundamentally and technically. We have good team and we know better how to play in this segment of the market and how one should time their positions. We have in depth study for this segment. Looking to time horizon of our client and after understanding investment objective we draw up the portfolio at their discretion.

Derivatives Market:
Though, the derivatives word may have come from the western world. We have the similar concept of badla and vayda over three decades. We put our continuous efforts to understand this segment by developing strategies for our client so they can derive the benefits after looking to market momentum and worldwide events changing situation globally and affecting financial market.

Commodity Futures:
We designed this for our customers to diversified their portfolio. Our understanding to this segment is M2R (Mining to Retail) pricing and after understanding the complete pipeline of each commodity. We have huge database and study on each commodity and demand supply gap understanding. Also, we have logistics data of reserve geographically spread out in world.

The best thing about commodity future contract is to give opportunity to all types of investors, traders, business people to take position in commodities where they do believe is growth story and to take direct stake. Also, these give an opportunity to many traders and business people to hedge the risk and take arbitrage opportunity. Characteristically, such a contract has an expiry and delivery attached with it. Commodity Futures makes portfolio diversified and they are stable speculative instruments.

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